The Picniquette’s recipe was born in a sunny day of Spring 2012.

Behind these lines* we were a duo me, Iaia, & Chiara, two italian friends with a lot of passions in common: our granny’s kitchen roots, small friends reunions, fresh crafty decor and love for nature. We started to call all this just Picniquette, (a bit of a Picnic a bit of a banquet) and so the story began! 

With the time, I continued the project alone converting this space in my personal platform to spread the word about the worlds of “pret à porter” gastronomy: ideas, recipes and lifestyle. Enjoy our world and keep Picniquette on! 

Picniquette has evolved naturally as an extension of  my work. I was born in Rome and I collected a degree in Design and Architecture studying between Milan & Berlin. Year after year, I build my own professional way transforming my love for photography and design (mixing everything up when possible) in my everyday work. Since almost 10 years I have been living in Madrid  working as freelance photographer & art director and since 2012 also hosting events, social eating & private gatherings. As often as I can, I escape to the beautiful Mallorca island or to my beloved country to a dosis  of sea breeze and mediterranean scents. Take me as a proud cliché of the italian woman in love with everything involving the concept of eating: from the garden to the table, passing through markets and kitchens.  I love shooting with natural light and open space and I am a passionate story teller especially if the subjects are crafters, creators or cooks. I suppose it came naturally to transform Picniquette in something more real than a shooting day. 



Since Summer 2013 I have been organizing a collection of secret gatherings through the seasons, involving local projects, crafters and food. They’re totally random organized so the only way to stay updated is to subscribe to our newsletter :)

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*I really do my best to write in a decent english. I will put it like that: I am italian native, living now in Spain, ex Berliner but my favourite language will always be french…so be kind with me!).