VEGGIES DIARIES: JUNE is for pink radish!

June 2, 2017

This month my kitchen will be featuring a lot of salads, raw soups (aka gazpachos) and one great detox ingredient: radish! These tiny pink miracles, made of water and a bunch of great nutrients perfectly match with a lot of upcoming summer veggies like tomatoes, red onion, green beans, celery and cucumber

As I started to do some months ago in this section I will give you some tips about how to use radish in the kitchen in a creative and natural to fill your summer dishes with colors, texture and ..a lot of potassium!


Get some recipes to cook with pink radish!


Radish, like other veggies with a bitter or sharp taste, are not so commonly welcome on the table, despite of its indulgent and festive appearance, (at least for the eyes of a  #foodporn obsessed like me..). And that’s a shame because radishes don’t give just a splash of colour to every dish, they also rich cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to them, like everyone in its large family of roots: white radish, black radish and the famous daikon. TThey basically just made of water and what is left is just calcium, potassium, vitamin C, B and some sulfurated elements. detox shot, best friend for liver and kidney…so I don’t see any reason to not having a bit of this magic potion daily, now that radish is in season

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These following ideas will give you some inspiration for you next radish-based dish! Enjoy:

This Avocado Gazpacho!

with avocado, cucumber & pink radish slices. I love both matches: color (green-pink)  and taste! 

Radish Tabulé with a mint-yoghurt sauce

The perfect side for the first barbecue of the season! This refreshing salad is a twist on classic mideast salad with cucumbers, spring onion & tomatoes (opcional, add them just if you find some really tasty ones, otherwise it will work without!) perfectly chopped in small cubes. Adding small pieces of pink radish, a generous squeeze of lemon and cilantro will give a bitter touch that will perfectly match with the green mint sauce, made of yogurt mixed with fresh mint leaves, ev oil and salt. Yummy right!? Leave it like that for the barbecue moment or add some bulgur or couscous if you need a more energetic dish to bring for lunchbox.

Radish pickles 

I am a huge fan of pickles but here in Spain is a bit hard to find something more than “pepinillos” in a jar I am afraid so I started to produce my own pickles and I’ve experimented with a lot of new veggies: my favourite are courgette and radish!  It’s so funny and easy to make! Browsing online you can find plenty of recipes, I just add some fresh dill, coriander seeds, pink pepper grains, some water and white vinegar and that’s it! Obviously they give a kick to any burger, but they also match with patés and smoked fish. On the oriental side, if you are experimenting the corean fever on the web, like a lot of other food bloggers, you can give a try Kimbap, the corean sushi;) with radish or daikon pickles, sticks of carrots, spinach leaves, beef sliced and the famous kimchi. It’s really important to use sesame oil to season the rice, it will give the kimbap touch!


Upcycle radish leaves! Don’t throw them!

Seriously just don’t! You can transform them in a light pesto, with or without cheese to start! But also they will add a different green taste to soups, frittatas, crêpes, falafel or veggie patties

A different summer salad from Italy: Panzanella

Panzanella, one of the most best kept secrets of italian summers (well, at least this thing with food and internet became what it is now…), involves bread and tomatoes. I grown up looking at my grand father from Rome preparing it every summer and it’s kind of an emotional dish for me. I will prepare one twisted version for the blog … I will tell you more on an upcoming post sooo #staytuned!


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    Reply Albahaca Fresca June 26, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    Me viene muy bien esta entrada sobre los rabanitos ya que tengo algunos plantados en casa y muy interesante el uso que le das a las ojos. También me apunto la panzanella con el twist ;-)


    • Reply Picniquette June 26, 2015 at 8:07 pm

      Cada vez que te pasas por aquí es una alegría para mí! Salúdame Italia bella!!

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