May 4, 2017

Hello Picniquetters!

I can’t really say this month I’ve been living close to my beloved new kitchen nor to this place..But here I am back for good:) Every month I prepare for the spanish version of the blog a season calendar for fruits & veggies where I also share quick tips and recipes about a picked fruit or vegetable in season. I’ll start to share all these tips also here, in the english version, hope you enjoy that!

This month spring will be all around and I will finally fill the market basket with some of my favourite colourful fruits like strawberries, rasberries and the lovely medlars! The regular way to taste them is just like they are, raw or in jams and jellies. I really like to mix fruits in salty recipes so come with me to discover new ways to taste medlars and put some spring in your dishes…

Discover new ways to cook with medlars!



But first a small recap about my life: as I told you in some previous post, my life has recently changed, as I decided to move with my partner in crime to the beautiful island of Mallorca. For multiple reasons, tough, we still didn’t start to enjoy our new country life. Basically we’ve both been stuck for worktrip between Madrid, Paris and the island in a infinite loop of coming and going. My dream of having two homes, one in the city and one in a small village near the sea and, to slow down the rhythm of my life is reaviling a not so idillic side and I often have the feeling of having no home, instead of two:) I really wish to start soon to take more confidence with the island, its sinuous roads and finally start to grow some herbs in my garden!  Also: discover its markets, gardens, makers and long walks through the Tramuntana, the Sierra where I will be living and share all this with you! I can’t wait to come back to my majorcan kitchen and experiment a bit with the tastes and colours of this Spring. A lot of my favs are in season this month: radish, artichokes, lemons, small potatoes, super detox asparagus (well, in my case the detox moment is quite a necessity because my last trip to France I literally lost my mind with fromages, patés & saucissons..).

Also Spring is a great season for all the herbal culinary plants as well as for green salads: fresh rocket, lettuce, cress and the marine saltwort. Spring is also synonymous for strawberries, cherries and medlars, the fruit I finally choose to represent this month. During the month of May I will cook something for you with this powerful ingredient.


But in the meantime, while I decide, I let you some quick easy-to-do recipes, to try some new combo with medlars for your spring picnics! Try this 5 recipes:

Medlars  & Yellow Pepper Gazpacho 

I really love how sweet peppers work with sweet-acid fruits (actually in our cookbook you can find a sweet peppers gazpacho combined with plums). This version comes directly from an italian blog I am big fan of, Calycanthus, and it follows the same logic: try to mix roasted yellow peppers, some medlars (without the skin), balsamic vinegar, spring onion, bread crumbs, evo, salt and a bit of lemon. Perfect for picnic!

Medlars Tatin

I really the Tatin concept, it’s a classic of my kitchen, salty or sweet I tried to “tatinize” basically every fruit or veggie: red onions, fennels, endives, chards, plums, ananans and..yes medlars! Why not? This is actually a great alternative for the classic french upside down tatin, give it a try!

Express sandwich with smoked fish & medlar vinaigrette

Medlars work pretty good with fish: to prepare the vinaigrette, put in a mixer 2 medlars without skin, honey, sea salt, evo and a hinch of balsamic vinegar and spread the sauce over the two toasted sides of a sandwich. Then add a few slices of smoked trout or salmon, your favourite salad greens and minced chives…enjoy!

Spring Salad for the lunchbox ( in the park;)

Mix your  fav boiled grains ( I like quinoa, spelt or wheat), add some greens leaves, sliced medlars and strawberries (or green roasted asparagus if you want it more salty). If you need it you can also add some marinated roasted chicken and almonds.  Oil, salt, pepper & ready for the park!

Special dinner: venus rice with prawns, confit tomatoes & medlars

I love the consistence and taste of  black venus rice “venere” and it’s quite a topic taste it with roasted spicy prawns, right? Add a few confit cherry tomatoes, diced medlars  and this spicy yogurt dip: with salt, lemon, garam masala & turmeric. Yummy!


Let me know if you try some of this recipes! 

Pics Iaia Cocoi para © Picniquette

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