Veggies Diaries: pomegranates in the kitchen

October 1, 2016

October starts today and it’s time to write down a few lines of what I started to call at some point of this blog “my veggies diaries”, my online kind of quick recipes collection, where I recollect a few ideas I like to prepare in the kitchen at my lunchtime around some random veggie in season. From the market basket of October, –which is my favourite season of the year, when trees start to over-coloring, we can go out for walks looking for mushrooms (yep, I finally live 10 minutes walking from REAL woods), it’s also my birthday in a few days btw:)-I choose to focus on pomegranate, one of the most nicely colored and photogenic fruits in season:) I told already once, here, how I fell in love with this mediterranean treasure during a trip around Turkey, a summer ago.

In October  we also welcome back cabbages, green lifesaver, butternuts squasch, chards, turnips, beets..basically the best the ground has to offer for great technicolor soups to warm up our dinner nights. It also the perfect moment of the year to turn the oven and..bake a apple cake or to preserve the last bites of summer in jars.

Discover how to cook with pomegranate in season

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in polyphenols, malic and oxalic acid, more antioxidant than green tea or orange flavonoids, is rich in vitamin B and C, contains fiber, it’s highly digestible, and Arabs formerly considered him a miracle drug:  so now that flu-time is comings, it sounds like a good idea to incorporate it in our diet. It tastes delicious eaten natural, but try it with:

Chia seeds pudding with pomegranate and banana

To start the day  I have lately fallen into the trap of the overnight brekfasts #fordummies, like the ubiquitous chia seeds vegan pudding. The no-recipe: before going to bed put in a cup a very generous tablespoon of chia seeds, full the cup with your favourite no-dairy milk (coconut, almond or rice, whatever) and keep it in the fridge all night long. When you wake up in the morning you open the fridge and voilá, your ridiculously good and healthy breakfast it’s done, in front of you. Then protocol says to add some fresh natural fruit topping, honey, nuts: I love the pomegranate in combo with banana and coconut milk :) And you?

Avocado sandwich with halloumi and pomegranate seeds

A light lunchbox for when you have no extra time to cook: a couple of slices of your fav sandwich bread, a thick layer of a ripe avocado, halloumi cheese or the cottage cheese that you have in the fridge and a nice touch of red: pomegranate seeds, crunchy  and sweet … put it the toaster until the cheese reach its…point:)


Infused water with pears, rosemary and pomegranate seeds

I have told several times that I have the really bad habit to forget to… drink water! : <> and one of the unique tricks that it works for me is to add something appealing to the water, which magically give me the input to fill the glass, from time to time. One that strikes me with the arrival of autumn is a rosemary water infusion I prepare boiling the water and let it cool down. I filter the liquid in a bottle, add the pieces of 1 pear, a handful of pomegranate seeds and I press them a bit with a spoon to express all the juices in the water. I normally keep the bootle next to the table where I work. As far as I can see, I can not resist and take a glass, then another… and voilá. Please note that the drink is not particularly sweet, I like it like that but a touch of honey it’s allowed.

Muhammara, alternative to hummus

A delicious cream, alternative to hummus with roasted red peppers,-yep, using the last peppers before they will be definitely out of season!-, nuts and pomegranate molasse, flavored with cumin and Aleppo pepper. I already told about my love for Aleppo flakes and pomegranate molasse on this post about my foodie souvenirs from Turkey..Actually this dip comes from Syria but Ottoman kitchen share a lot in the kitchen with its neighbors! I am learning to prepare the molasse with my hands, I am experiencing that during these days, I’ll tell you more soon:)

Lamb meatballs with sweet pomegranate sauce

The sweet taste of pomegranate marries beautifully with lamb meat for a dinner with an oriental touch: minced lamb, onion, pistachios, parsley and cilantro or mint, chili, cumin, all chopped to form tiny meatbals that can be fried or browned to oven and dipped in this express sauce: open and crumble a whole pomegranate, put it in a pot with about 25-30 grams of brown sugar and cook it very slow for half an hour. Once it’s ready, pass it through a strainer to remove seeds and serve as an accompaniment to the meatlballs. GNAM!

Pomegranate Tiramisu

It’s been a while I wanted to share here a recipe for tiramisu,  but now that the cold season it’s starting over again it sounds like the best time to prepare a yummy desserts involving raw eggs, there is no more blame on easily take it in jars, for lunch time or one of the last picnic of summer, I think this month I will finally  give it  a try  … or I’ll make a pavlova??  What I know is this will be the recipe for my birthday picnic…and it will have some pomegranate seeds on it! I’m thinking about it: =), I’l let you know!

Tengo ganas de proponer una receta de tiramisu, que nunca puse ninguna en mi recetario, cuando en realidad ahora que no hace tanto calor no hay incoveniente en llevársela fácilmente en tarros, en fin, creo que este mes haré por fin mis deberes…o voy a hacer una pavlova?? igual será la receta de mi picnic de cumpleaños? Me lo estoy pensando:=)

What’s your favourite recipe with pomegranate? 


Pics © Iaia Cocoi

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