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August 31, 2016

Hello Picniquetters!

This August we have not seen much around here, isn’t it? I am coming back right today to cheer you up, classic first day of depression after holidays, first day of September, with some quick notes and recipes with one of my favorite fruits, right now in season: plums! They are in season right now, especially those with purple skin and green-yellow interior (one of the most suggesting color combinations of nature). My grandfather called in Italian cosce di monaca, which I would translate something like “legs nun”… I guess because of its roundness, a name that has always seemed hilarious to me and every time I see a september market and I see them I just think of that and I start smiling by myself…

Together with plums is the best moment to enjoy berries, peaches and melons and especially the last tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and fruits of sunny season. We also welcome newcomers figs and grapes!

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Prunes are worldwide known for their laxatives properties. And it is absolutely true, everybody experimented that. But not everyone knows that their consume is also suggested if you have a cough and mucus, bronchitis and cholesterol-lowering issues. Not that bad for just one small fruit, right?

If you are like me, who needs to be basically forced to eat fruit (honestly, I just don’t find a good time to eat it: on breakfast I prefer savoury stuff, after lunch I just don’t have any need of eating fruit, during the day I just basically forget), what it works at best  it’s just try to hide fruit in some savoury dish. Anyway I like a lot plums, really. The proof is that on the blog you can already find a couple of recipes with plums, to which I am today adding a few more tips to experiment with them in the kitchen.

Discover how to cook with plums!

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If you are lucky enough to live near a garden with some plums tree you can easily experience the joy of making your own plum jelly  jam (and try to add a touch of lavender …) but try some new combination like:

Gazpacho amarillo de pimientos & ciruelas

A recipe that tastes like summer! Chiara and I invented a couple of years ago, a variation on the theme gazpacho with fruit and vegetables declined in yellow. To obtain a nice color use only the rounded yellow plums and yellow peppers … obviously!

Veggie Bruschetta with plums, feta and tarragon leaves

I just finally found a pot of tarragon to plan in  my garden…! I was diving the net, looking for some inspiration to cook with its scented leaves, I came out this idea for a light  last-minute lunch, making a mix and cross among recipes. Cut a couple of slices of your favorite sourdough bread (I love majorcan pan moreno, because it remembers me tuscan bread  with no I have grown up with). Add some diced feta tossed with balsamic vinegar, honey, salt and fresh tarragon leaves (if you have or dried) and on top a few thin slices of plums, round variety, red skin. A pinch of salt over the fruit and to the oven, grill function on for max.5 minutes. I think that using brie instead of feta could be a great option. 

Pita with marinated chicken, plums and pomegranate syrup

Plums work great with roasted meat. In the northern and eastern side of the world we can find a lot of recipes involving a sauce made of plums to toss pork, lamb or chicken courses. Besides all these preparations suitable for a feast, I love this sandwich that reproduces the concept in a take-away format. The combination was inspired me at some point by the comic book “Poulet aux Prunes” (and by persian cuisine) and I prepare it very often: marinate a free-range chicken breast with powdered cinnamon, turmeric, coriander seeds, slices of one garlic glove and plenty of lemon juice, then cook on the grill. In the meantime prepare an express plum sauce mixing the pulp of a couple of plums with a table spoon of pomegranate syrup and a pinch of salt. Feel free to add green leaves of your favorite salad. I usually use pita bread for that and when everything is ready I usually brush the bread with a little oil and turmeric powder to have a nice yellow color and a wonderful scent!) and grill the sandwich. Yummy!

Red plums, hazelnuts and rosemary Galette

A classic chez Picniquette: handmade short crust pastry with a touch of rosemary in the dough, toasted hazelnuts and red plums. ->Here is the recipe I posted last end of summer, believe me it’s really delicious.

Kouign Amann, Amelie’s plumcake 

This amazing traditional breton cake (with a lot of salted butter, I admit) was a huge hit around the foodblogs network when it was discovered inside the famous movie of Amelie Poulain: everybody wanted to prepare this cake!  The first rainy day you´ll find on your way, don’t be sad:  find the time to slowly prepare this delicious tart. >Here one of the version of this cake, twisted with plums. 

I am also thinking which recipe I will choose to share here with plums…! For sure it will be something to prepare and enjoy in the nature, in one of our last picnic of our summer days! Stay tuned!


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