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July 10, 2016

¡Flowrs by Picniquette is back!

Through summertime season I will keep enjoying my new life on the island as much as I can and stop traveling, if it’s not for work. During my last trip to Madrid, my second home, apart from visiting my new friends at Granel Madrid, I always find a break to visit my dear Leticia and Bea at Flowrs, this beautiful hidden oasis filled with plants in the Antón Martín Market. Once per month I step by to pick a variety of flowers in season that Leticia especially chooses for us*. This time I came back home with two beautiful hortensias! This beauty reminds me to a beautiful garden  where I spent my childhood in the north of Italy and where they were planted directly on the ground and they luxuriant grew up (positive benefits of no stop autumn/spring rain…). Actually I should admit that I discovered only recently that Hortensia is a flower “that you can actually pick and put in a bouquet or in a pot”, because I tended to considerate it more like a plant for the garden..Dummy right?  



Let me introduce to this beauty! 

HORTENSIA is a very rústic plant, native to China and Japan that produces a very colorful flower full of charm. Commonly, in Spain, in the areas where the clime tends to  is it’s cultivated in pots but in regions where there is more rain and humidity, can be easily planted in gardens in the ground, as I remembered!

The name HORTENSIA was picked by a botanist Philibert Commerson, who brought her to Europe in the mid-eighteenth century, after one of those famous botanical journeys in search of new floreal species that ventured explorers like the famous Louis Antoine de Bougainville (another famous climbing plant that now adorns many Mediterranean gardens ( and my main door in Mallorca == :) is due to him actually-). Philibert dedicated this flower to Hortense de Nassau, daughter of the Prince of Nassau, who accompanied him during the trip and who was probably his lover.. Such a romantic story right? This flowers are also known as Hydrangea, associated with the mythological Hydra, a monster with snakes as hair…. And there are plenty of theories over the real birth of the name..But I think I stay with those two lovers, cruising the Indian Ocean looking for beautiful flowers!






It is a rounded deciduous shrub belonging to the family of Hydrangeaceae, whose most significant varieties are characterized by flowers arranged in inflorescences shaped heads (tops umbeliformes compound). Hydrangea flowers develop from buds of a growing every year. The cylindrical stems are woody and the leaves are opposite, oval and toothed. The flowers are gathered in large curds and bloom annually terminals.
From May to October
Pink, white, blue, antique blue or pink
They  don’t really like the sun when they’re growing on the ground or pot nor when cut. Change water every day and do not expose to intense heat and air. Sprink daily.
Hortensias express gratitude for being understood. It also has a negative sense symbolizing heartlessness.

And, with this post, this section with FLOWRS will have a break for summer and we’ll be back with them in September with the beautiful flowers in season for late summer and fall.

* If you missed the other entries you can see the full list here!


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