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A Forestia Route: Es Teix, Serra de Tramuntana

May 9, 2016

I am very happy today to announce my collaboration with We Are Forestia, a project who asked me to take you out for a walk and, of course, a picnic, in one of the most amazing environments that impacted, emotionally, my life until today: the Serra de Tramuntana, here in Mallorca. I could say that is because of this mountain, that proudly faces the Mediterranean sea,  that I left my life in the big city a year ago to find a new way of live in a small village hidden between those stones and the blue sea. 

Forestia is a project where lovers of nature can find a different approach to outdoor meals: real fine food prepared in a functional and practical packaging to carry in your backpack to enjoy something more than a sandwich once you’re lost in a forest or you’re crossing a beach or are you sitting on top of a mountain or any walk your sense of adventure push you to discover. Any package is easy to carry, delicious to eat and preparared to leave no traces behind. 

On its website every month they also invite photographers with a passion for outdoors (hello … me ??!) to take you hiking through beautiful natural landscapes. I’m flattered to be involved in the Forestia big family with other interesting visual projects such as  We Are NorthernSlow Artworks  y Arnaud Teicher among others. Each of them has been invited to take Forestia out for a lunch on the road showing amazing and idyllic places surrounded by fresh air, light and nature.

When I was asked to create a Forestia Route, I had no doubt and decided to go out with my beloved one and our cameras to take a walk from the village where we live, Deia, through a path which leads directly to the top of the mountain on its back, where you can spot the sea from a privileged position. Once on the top we set up our private picnic with Forestia. The walk unfolds between olive trees, woods of pines and oaks and beautiful wild mediterranean plants, walking on ancient stone paths until the highest and most panoramic point where you can admire the western side of the island and the monumental Sa Foradada stone from a unique and spectacular point of view.


If you want to see and read my full story follow –>this link!


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