Apple & persimmon bites

November 10, 2015

All through this fall on my Pinterest wall started to pop-up a lot of versions of the same totally nice-looking recipe of puff pastry & apples gently shaped in form of tiny roses (and a really generous amount of icing sugar sprinkled all over). I am sure you have seen them all around too or check “apple roses” on google:) At first, probably just because of the presence of all that icing sugar, I desqualified the idea as a classic “cute teatime recipe” for cute girls but then one rainy day and a bunch of ripe apples in my basket made me try to give a shot to the recipe. Or, let’s face it, I’m just probably another cute girl in this not so cute world.


I yielded to the temptation to share with you this dessert because, after trying it at home, I realized: it’s ridicolously easy to make, is really good-looking (if you omit the icing sugar, please;) and you can prepare like a 6-packs in really a short time! Can be a  great indulgent breakfast, a snack at the office, and if you prepare each one with different fruits (or veggies as I will show you below..) you can have one for each day of the week ( !). A super versatile recipe, in my opinion, both savoury as sweet!

My first experiment  with these apples roses I decided to add a fall twist mixing the same amount of the classic apples of the version you can find all around in the web with persimmons of the hachiya variety, a fruit I literally adore, totally in season right now!

I really like this idea to roll thin slices of fruits around puffpastry in this totally good-looking way, especially because I realized you can do it with a lot of fruits and vegetables..why just limit the idea to apples?? Plus: it’s also a great recipe for fall picnics, and you know that I am a bit obsessed with preparing here just this kind of food you can easily take out to the garden, park or for a nice walk in the nature right?

This is my version for 6 persimmon & apple roses. 

You will need:

a rectangular tray of homemade puff pastry* approx 20 x 30cm

2 apples of different colors, red, yellow … (you probably will have more than enough with two)

half of a khaki, non-astringent variety: Hachiya, Persimmon

the juice of half a lemon

3 generous tablespoons of jam, (I used a delicious mulberry fig jam, made on the island, but could easily be the classic combo with apricot jam) cinnamon powder

* If it’s possible, if you have time, if not, I close my eyes, because basically this recipe is about preparing a quick dessert! 



1. Arrange the pastry on a board and cut into 6 strips on the long side. Spread each strip with a light coat of your marmalade.

2. Cut in 4 pieces a couple of apples, without removing the skin and  half of a khaki in two pieces. With a brush you can brush the fruit with lemon juice to prevent it turns balck during preparation. You begin to cut the fruit in half, removing the seeds inside and then with a very good knife cut the fruit to make the “petals” like in the picture. The thinner the better, because it will be more easy to overlay and roll the roses! 

3. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. In the meantime, arrange one petal over the other, alternating apples and khakis on one of the puff pastry stripes. Like on the picture. Each petal has to protrude from the strip of dough, leaving a free half. Sprinkle all over a bit of cinnamon.

4. Gently roll this strip from side to side, taking care not protrude petals. Close the dough gently pressing the sides and the bottom of the “flower ” to prevent the jam filling to come out slide and burn in the bottom of the tray. It is actually easier to do than explain. All that is required here is to be d-e-l-i-c-a-t-e. Repeat this for the other 5 stripes left.


5. Once you’re done you have 6 nice flowers ready to bake! Arrange them on a normal tray for the oven or in a muffin tray with baking paper on the bottom and let down approx 30/40 min until the mixture is colored and fruit has started caramelize and the edges brown.floresdemanzana_picniquette-15

floresdemanzana_picniquette-3 floresdemanzana_picniquette-4

There is something totally autumnal in this dessert that appeals to me but the same procedure can be performed with sooo many different combos! As I always say, the fantasy of what’s inside your fridge is the limit. On the savoury side I am particularly inspired as you can see !

Why not try :

– Petals of pear and cardamom powder to give the touch. The jam can be subsituted by small pieces of black chocolate that will melt during cooking …

– (My favorite) petals of apples and celeriac and instead of jam….a blue cheese like spanish Cabrales, italian Gorgonzola or french Roquefort..yummy right??

– Petals of pumpkin, but instead of  cinnamon use a mixture of ras-el hanout , spread the dough with Pommegranate Molasse and pistachio granola on top!

– Thin petals of beetroot, feta or labneh inside and marjoram leaves if you find to give the touch. If you don’t it’s ok also with dill :)


Pics © Iaia Cocoi

If you try to cook some of these versions or if you invent yours, I would really love to see them on the net ! tag with #picniquetteflowerpower or tag @picniquette and I will share them on my pages.  See you sooon!

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