Bazaar Palma, tresaures for the simple and rustic home

September 20, 2015

Although I happily moved to a small village in the majorcan mountains, whenever it’s possible I drive to Palma to make some walks to discover little by little every meter of its old town, tiny mazy streets, windows with white cotton light curtains flying in the wind, open sea views, markets, restaurants and unsuspected charming shops. In one of my last visits I lost myself with some friends around the street Costa d’en Brossa, in the heart of old Palma, looking for a bar and a wooden grey and gold façade caught my eye. The windows were illuminating the interior with shelves full of old plates, pots, fabrics, linens and scented candles. Everything seemed modern and rustic at the same time, I found the selection quite original and I promised myself  to investigate. What a nice surprise receiving a few days after an invitation exactly for the official opening of that space, which goes by the name of Bazaar Palma, that I am now sure it will become a new must for lovers of  decoration and beautiful things in the island. On that day I personally met the alma mater of BAZAAR PALMA, spanish designer Mila Lazaro. She has been living between London and New York, working for important brands like Camper and at a certain point she decided to take a break and transform her “collateral” passion for tableware and decoration in a brand new life. Mila radiates the same charm and taste of her own baby child. Every detail of the space is perfectly combined, cozy and familiar.

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Discover BAZAAR PALMA y sus tesoros

The shop, where once flourished Fontdevila bookstore, was closed for more than 40 years and the space today, after the wise work of interior renovation of Bazaar Palma’s team, maintains the spirit of its former essence: wooden shelves, cabinets, rustic wood doors, hydraulic tiled floors and an original sideboard covered with vintage blurred glass tiles. The golden hue of the walls and brass coatings make a delicate nod to the golden logo of the brand, a 100% pure gold palm, drawn by illustrator Jaume Vilardell.


Shelves are already set up converting the shop into a colorful bazaar where every object has a story and each piece blends harmoniously with others. Tablecloths with botanical motifs hand painted in Haiti, Portugal cutlery, walnut cutting boards for the kitchen, french and english pieces of crockery, three layers of cotton for handmade voile linen  sewed in India for french Mille et Claire, leather aprons (they will disappear quickly because they are …soo nice), natural fiber yarns for cooking, baking accessories… in particular I’ve fallen in love with cast iron grinders of Malle W.Trousseau. You will also find some brands of natural unisex cosmetics MALIN + GOETZ from New York and swedish L:A Bruket, with organic products for skin care.

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Each brand answers to the same quest: find the luxury in the small details of the house, luxury, yes, but simple and natural, artisan but contemporary. Inside Bazaar Palma we can find treasures for every corner of the house, from the kitchen to the bed through our desk or bathroom. I would emphasize that Mila has succeeded in particular to bring a pair of exclusive cult brands: from Paris Astier de la Villatte, choosing from their workshop the line of its famous white handmade pottery,  delightfully imperfect (marked one by one with the initials of the craftsman who produced it), candles, incense and natural and organic soaps (created using the talents of the artist Setsuko Klossowski de Rola, ex-wife of Balthus) and stationery, notebooks and agendas, all typographically printed by hand with ecological ink.  The second brand comes from New York: glass dishes with marine and botanical motifs with decoupage by John Derian.

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I’m quite sure anyone can find a little flaw in this bazaar, however  the space is small you will get lost. In particular, I’ve been fascinated by the scents and perfumes of  Astier de la Villatte, a great selection you can find in the store. Each one represents a poetic essence, a place, an idea embodied in a scent that is declined in the incenses and the candles. Every evoking and mysterious name let our nose make a simultaneous travel between space and time: the smell of the “Gran Chalet” where Balthus retired in the Swiss Alps (Astier de the Villatte brand has an emotional connection with this artist), the roof of the “Opera” in Paris, where there is  a honeybee farm (did you know that?), the gardens of “Cambridge”,  that will give a sudden impulse to read again a novel by Agatha Christie sitting in a garden of roses or “Naples”, that build its essence around the famous recipe Pastiera, with ricotta, orange blossom and almonds. I will not reveal more …just go to find yours!


You will find the same emotional search on other accessories: scented rubbers and pencils that will give you the desire to fill a notebook to handwrite the diary of your last days of summer or  liquid dishwashers that smell like sage (I took it, I could not resist), or a cypress forest after rain or a garden of bergamot. So organic and natural that you could take a shower with them. (And they told me that in Paris they do;)

Little luxuries that transform the everyday gestures in a little experience to savor. Slowly.


Enjoy BAZAAR PALMA, on your next trip to Mallorca:)

Bazaar Palma 
C/ Brossa 17A
Palma de Mallorca
Tel 971 781 965

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