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A korean picnic with LA.ON Pottery

July 23, 2015

Today I am taking you with me out for picnicos llevo de picnic to the Far East … but not goingo further than the center of Madrid :) 

How is is that possible, (apart from the evident collapse of space-time that makes me appear one day in Mallorca for the presentation of new Better pop-up August and a few days  in Madrid again?). Together with my friend Ju-hyun Baek* anything is possible! She is a potter, artist, Korean, who just opened a new workshop in the center of Madrid, LA.ON Pottery, where she teaches and where you can also find her beautiful creations (and have a look at her green courtyard full of nice plants … because Ju-hyun is of those women with total magic green thumb!). Under the excuse of celebrating the new opening of her shop we decided to prepare a korean picnic, researching recipes of her home country and I have to admit that Korean people are very addicted to picnics, almost as  much as I do! Today we start presenting you the menu and the day we spent together cooking and taking pictures of his collection of great dishes and in the coming days I’ll show you the recipes of what we were eating in Ju-hyun’s fav spot for picnics, a small park in a quiet and not crowded street of the center. After this series of “korean” posts I will take a break from the blog and we will meet somewhere over … september!

Discover the corean picnic with La.On Pottery!


With this post, actually, I’am turning back time to the first format of the blog, when I was running it with my foodie friend Chiara and together we were preparing picnics to carry at our favorite park spots in Madrid, shoot it all and finally eat it all with our friends! But times are changed, Chiara left to come back to our beloved country, I stayed and started to run the blog myself as my personal gastro-safari to show off my pics and all the lovely things involving food I still make. But sometimes I fell I kind of lost the true spirit of our first intent and it’s actually a long time I was trying to retake the old formula back on spot. I met Ju-hyun to interview her for the blog (remember?) for another pottery she was involved with, and we instantly had a good feeling! We started to talk about our root kitchens, picnics, how much Korean people love them, on famous kimchi, kimbap…it’s this the korean sushi? kind of talks…and we started to fantasize to prepare a picnic together to style and shoot her pottery with some korean food on it! 

picniquette_Laon_pottery-5 picniquette_Laon_pottery-11picniquette_Laon_pottery-7

Obviously for our korean picnic menu we got inspiration from Ju-huyun experience in the kitchen readapting some recipe to make more easy to make here in Spain but it’s not that difficult considering that in Madrid there are plenty of oriental food stores and everything is on hand (bottom of the post I’ll give some tip) and we finally prepared:

Sweet&sour cucumber salad

A refreshing and supereasy salad, perfect for summer anytime, with cucumber (straight from my July’s veggies diaries, remember?), to prepare in a tupper and season last minute directly on the park.

Kimchi & green peppers pancakes

Mini kimchi pancakes with green peppers! Super savory, a great way to get close softly to the kimchi world, I will add to my list of recipes for brunch!


With the next post we will learn how to prepare the”corean sushi”  from scratch! Put it like that: there’s no picnic in Korea without kimbap, simple as that.  We prepared with my friend the classic version with a lot of mixed fresh veggies, some pickles from Korean, eggs…and a variation with shrimps and avocado…sooo stay tuned:)





La fresquísima ensalada de pepinos en agridulce, express! La receta más fácil a reproducir!




Ju-huyun taught me how to prepare a cold drink with water and plums syrup. You can find in oriental shop and it’s made out of 1/4 of syrup and 3/4 of cold water. Apparently it’s really good for digestive system! I bought a bottle for of the syrup for me for the picnic and I really like it.picniquette_Laon_pottery-2

3 tips to find korean food in Madrid

Mostenses Market, of course

Great selection of fresh asian and southamerican veggies, also frozen imported deli in general, but for things especially and strictly from Lorean there is a special korean corner where you can find drinks, like the plums syrup or  the typical sweet rice drink.


C/Maestro Guerrero 6. They sell kimchi unpacked!  I found this shop on the net and I have to visit it! The time table is from  10:00 to 15:00  and from 16:00 to 20:30, everyday except sunday. They are on Facebook: Hans alimentación


C/Leganitos 33. Open every day. Ok, that’s totally NOT-buy-LOCAL, I am aware of that, but if sometimes you want to investigate new spices, sauces and flavours from Far East here you can find pretty everything to cook oriental-way and we found a lot of stuff for our picnic: nori seaweed, danmuji (important), this yellow pickled radish, soja, sesame oil, kimchi**. Also Ju-huyun show me to try a typical korean snack I totally loved: a small squares of nori seaweed, fried in sesame oil, basically it’s their favorite snack!


The garden where we picnic it’s this beauty hidden behind the calle Mayor: Calle Factor, the street where you can find also La.On Pottery Shop. The view is stunning at sunset, with the royal palace, the almudena church and a nice view of the Sierra. We really have a great time there!


Pics © Picniquette


Laon Pottery

Calle Factor 6

instagram | facebook

www.la-on-pottery.com (coming soon)


Hope you like this post! Stay tuned for the upcoming recipes!

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