August, made in Spain ephemeral store in the heart of Mallorca

July 20, 2015

I recently discovered that the creative madrilenian agency Better was going to build a second August, (their format for an ephemeral pop-up store dedicated to spanish modern & hip design, itinerant every summer through the mythical places of summer locations of the spanish coast) and it happens that exactly this summer they would land to Mallorca, right now that … I just moved here! Perfect timing I would say ;)

This weekend I finally visited August, right after its first open in the old town of Palma, and I can just say that I will probably repeat the experience soon! (look, the selection of products and brands will constantly change and there will be, as usual, some extra experience to join all through the summer, so stay tuned). I could say that Better has basically found  how to solve the equation for the perfect pop-up experience. I have visited several of the ephemeral experiments Better created previously in Madrid, like the Apartment, Patio, pop-up Christmas the House, the gastronomic project the TableBy (google it if you are not aware :) and I am totally fascinated by how they carefully and properly achieve to defend their aesthetic, project after project, and at the same time to respect the brands they work with to let it shine uniquely. They always manage to present them to the public in a fresh appealing way but always loyal to themselves, their aesthetic and their vision. For each experience they build a solid triangle concept: first they totally nail the location, always, for its beauty (and often its previous inaccessibility), then they build an intriguing visual campaign* (involving young photography talents) and, last but not least, they curate a selection of brands that naturally work and mix together to shine. They create a puzzle of corners all at once exclusive and familiar, made of textures, modern forms mixed with apparent casualness with natural organic shapes and carefully selected vintage pieces.

picniquette_Laon_pottery-71  picniquette_Laon_pottery-34 picniquette_Laon_pottery-70picniquette_Laon_pottery-68Entering the August universe, with its delicate and unique blend of design clothes, accessories, shoes, books and press of art, jewelry, posters , ceramics , textiles , creams , soaps, paintings, lamps , gourmet deli is a bit like stepping into someone else’s house , watch his things, get into their closets, kitchen, private corners and feel it like at home, yes, but but it’s your dream home… And the best part is that if you want (and can) you can take a piece of this dream at home, your real home.

Enter the August experience with me!

* Mention of honor for me to the photographer for the August communication in Mallorca  Pipi Hormaechea 

Many guests will rotate their presence in the summer house of August and the selection of its treasures will become longer and enriching throughout the summer until September 15 . So I leave you with my fav of the moment. The space is developed in a single plant in a sequence of spaces that alternate light and brightness to other corners more intimate with soft lighting.


The sunglasses of Mr.Boho

picniquette_Laon_pottery-54picniquette_Laon_pottery-31 picniquette_Laon_pottery-32 picniquette_Laon_pottery-30

The kid-friendly textiles of Don Fisher (in love with this seven seas treasures)


picniquette_Laon_pottery-65 picniquette_Laon_pottery-6

PLOM Gallery universe, is a catalan art gallery with a focus to kid-friendly art. The white Piggy Bank money box is a nice gift for the kids, to teach them to save money to buy durable and analogic things like prints. An absolutely great idea to fight against  the tendence the digital natives have to consume just online presence.


Terranova, a small emergent publishing, specializing in independent artistic productions.

picniquette_Laon_pottery-33picniquette_Laon_pottery-4picniquette_Laon_pottery-40picniquette_Laon_pottery-2 picniquette_Laon_pottery-60picniquette_Laon_pottery-3picniquette_Laon_pottery-59picniquette_Laon_pottery picniquette_Laon_pottery-61

The online store deli Petra Mora ( both delicatessen for its packaging design and its product quality, carefully selected browsing the spanish geography to find the best preserved grocery and butcher shop, sweets ..) and the natural geometric lamps by Fiúmine.picniquette_Laon_pottery-63picniquette_Laon_pottery-72

The scented corner of Olivia Soapsan online store that in Spain needs no introduction and continues to bring to Spain the best selection of natural cosmetics apart from producing their own soaps, a real 2.0 cult.

picniquette_Laon_pottery-48picniquette_Laon_pottery-22 picniquette_Laon_pottery-21

The selection of clothing by  Yellow & Stone ( I totally love their cotton, wool, alpacas, embroidered linens, colored, printed in South America, Africa and Asia, that give life to an original selection with timeless lines), the posters and memorabilia selection curated by Alquián and the mirrors (crazy about those) and retro furniture by Rue Vintage 74.


Hóptimo, original vintage prints, ilustrations…poetry on paper.


picniquette_Laon_pottery-24 picniquette_Laon_pottery-25


The essence of India hidden in this corner of  Aunty B,  the result of the love of two sisters for local handicrafts. Personally selected unique pieces of Rajasthan and Jaipur. Carpets, jute, hemp and wool, handmade jewelry, pottery from Jaipur and pashminas from Cashmere.

picniquette_Laon_pottery-47picniquette_Laon_pottery-50picniquette_Laon_pottery-53 picniquette_Laon_pottery-51   picniquette_Laon_pottery-52

The color schoking shoes of Pompeii

picniquette_Laon_pottery-49 picniquette_Laon_pottery-19picniquette_Laon_pottery-16picniquette_Laon_pottery-8

 The geometric necklaces by Lydia Delgado (I can’t stop thinking on them, desperately need one!) of looking que no me canso de mirar (y soñar con tener uno!) and the Aloha Tatá dresses , hommenage to all the grandmothers who deserve that their granddaughters dedicate to them a fashion project that reinterprets past generations’s lines, cuts and designs.

 picniquette_Laon_pottery-15picniquette_Laon_pottery-14picniquette_Laon_pottery-12 picniquette_Laon_pottery-13picniquette_Laon_pottery-9picniquette_Laon_pottery-7picniquette_Laon_pottery-18picniquette_Laon_pottery-17 picniquette_Laon_pottery-10

I am afraid the rest you will have to see it with your own eyes! Thanks Better to bring us the best of Spain in our island!



From 15th  JUL to 15th SEP 

Carrer de L’Estanc 8 

Palma de Mallorca

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    buenas noches,
    estamos interesadas en recibir información para poder participar en su próximo pop up en mallorca.
    somos una marca de ropa llamada THE CHOICE ubicada en barcelona, y nos gustaría poder exponer en su pop up durante una semana este verano.

    muchas gracias

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