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June 11, 2015

¡#FLOWRSBYPICNIQUETTE comes back with the first summer flower!

I am so happy this rendezvous with the ephemeral beauty of flowers is endlessy going on thanks to FLOWRS, the flower shop hidden inside the Madrid Antón Martín Market! Every month I can learn a bit more about the flowers in season and experiment with still life photography. This time Leticia, the gentle soul behind this project, proposed me to shoot DELPHINIUM, a flower will stay all summer long that will instantly make you feel like you were sitting drinking tea in a granny’s cottage garden.


Discover DELPHINIUM, the cottage flower!

Delphinium’s origin is Old Greek, delphís in allusion to the shape of the opening flower. It’s also known as LARKSPUR, from the shape of the spur, which resembles the hind toe of a lark. FLOWRS brought me this lovely lavender variety, but I am also super fan of all the palette, especially the violet,blue version..

delphinium_iaiacocoi delphinium_iaiacocoi-11delphinium_iaiacocoi-49

 delphinium_iaiacocoi-30delphinium_iaiacocoi-32 delphinium_iaiacocoi-17



Delphinium is a genus of about 250 species of annual, perennial or biennial flowering plants. 
It’s a tall flower, can reach up to 1m. Foliage is lacy and dark green. The petals of the flower grow together forming a spur at the end and thus giving the plant its name, Larkspur. Each  flower is made up of single or double row of colored sepals.
Desde mayo hasta septiembre
Beautiful colors palette includes purple, blue, lavender and white.
Once cut they need plenty of water inside the jar, like 1/3 of the tall. Change water daily.
Lightness and levity.

FLOWRS combines two DELPHINIUM with some light and green foliage like alpine penny-grass, THLASPI. We put the combo in a beautiful vintage zinc pitcher from the shop.


Pics © Picniquette

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