{2ºparte} INSTAÑAM, my first FOOD STYLING workshop for VANBIG festival

May 22, 2015

I’ve been living in Majorca just one week and, thanks to the experience I’ve made with VANBIGI am still wearing a permanent smile on my face like it would my favourite lipstick. Last post I showed you some pics about this street food festival I was involved with and send my thanks to all the people beside and behind this project. Waiting for the next big feast of music & street food made in Majorca, I still feel the emotions and thrills I went through that very special day, I will always remember as my first experience as a lifestyle photography teacher! 



See what happened!


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I really don’t have enough words or pics to describe the experience! I still can’t believe I had the chance to teach  my first foodstyling workshop (!!!) inside such a beautiful and creative place like the Art Center of Palma de Mallorca Es Baluard, right in the centre, facing the seaside… I couldn’t feel more at home than there: we had the perfect diffused white light to take the pics, cool graphics tiles, wood floor, totally gardening with picnic benches, upcycled furniture and small glasshouses…the perfect spot to arrange my props all-around, some herbs, flowers and veggies that we brought for the shooting.

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I really hope these few pics give you an idea of the colorful good day we share with the two groups of my students. I need to say thanks to all the assistants. I was lindo of scared about the small amount of time we had to build a relaxed and inspired workflow…but it turned out I was totally wrong! Everyone got involved quickly, full of vibrant ideas and creative vibe. I could see like anyone picked my props, playing with them, with colors and textures to build their own “history”. One more time I could experience that we we get out of our confort zone, is exactly out there you can find yourself more inspired, more confident and renewed that ever. This was under my skin on that day. More pics borrowed from the stilllife pics of the assistants:




 Also I want to thank Agroilla for their fresh veggies, main characters of our still life exorcices and the foodtrucks of Anita Cakes (handmade delicious cakes and lollypops), El Xiribio (veggies organic tapas from their own garden) & Variat (majorcan recipes revisited and transformed for the street food format) who borrowed us some creations to take pics!

My very special thanks to my angel Elena @peixosdelaterra who shared this experience with me 100% and took most of the pics!

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