Lunchbox: spring smørrebrød with smoked trout and medlars vinaigrette

May 25, 2015

Every month (excluding last one, I couldn’t make it but I have my excuses, I literally didn’t have a kitchen to cook with!) I pick one of the veggies in season and I prepare with it a travel-friendly recipe, perfect to carry on a picnic, to eat outdoors, in a park or for your lunchbox pause. No to mention that this originally was the purpose of this food blog: just experiment and shoot some picnic recipes..Well, things went a bit far from that but during May and June medlars, an ephemeral fruit I’am truly in love with, are in season here in Spain and I wanted to make something out of them. (–>here more of my tips about how to cook with them!)

My LUNCHBOX of the month, according to my usual absolutely-no-time-to-cook working schedule, I propose a recipe, ideal for a quick but yummy lunch break or an indulgent salty breakfast. I wanted a classic open-sandwich, easy to take away with a few jars to build in-a-minute ingredients wherever you want (maybe a sunny spot in the park near your office?. I made a quick vinaigrette out of my medlars.  You can prepare it in a minute the day before and can be stored a couple of days in the fridge. It’s delicious also for salads!  You can take a small bottle with the vinaigrette with you. I adore to mix fruity and salty taste and I swear that combo between smoked fish and medlars is great. So my open-sandwich quickly became a danish smørrebrød just adding some butter on a rye bread slice. Ok. here is another twist you can try: instead of original dairy butter try the delicious nutty version of almonds butter, made by you. 


Let’s make it together!

*Here the list of all my montly entries about veggies in season, if you miss it.

Ingredients for 2 picniquetters:

4-6 slices of rye bread

6 slices of your favourite smoked fish. I like smoked trout

chives, fennel or green leaves  to decorate

your favourite butter: the salty danish butter to make it classic or  almond handmade butter

my twist:: medlars vinaigrette.

Scroll down for the recipes:



For the medlars vinaigrette:

ripe loquats

3 tbsp ev oil

1  tbsp sherry vinaigre

salt & a squeeze of fresh lemon

Just peel the loquats, take the nuts off and cut the fruits in tiny pieces, mix it in a mixer with all the ingredients until smooth and orange. Keep it in a jar in the fridge for days.


Yes, the nut butter fever took me last week, after seeing plenty of handmade versions in some great natural kitchen blogs like this one. I really wanted to try to make my own one! And guess what…it’s really easy and tasty! The only important thing is to have a good mixer, to avoid waste of nutrients for the heat generated by the mixing process.

Handmade Almond Butter:

2 cups of raw almonds (I made a mix of unpeeled and peeled, I toasted them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180ºC because I like the taste)

1 or 2 tbsp od ev oil 

salt/sugar (it depends, for this recipe I prefer the salty version, but you can just make neutral adding nothing. With sugar works better for sweet recipes, of course;)

a mixer, a freezer plastic bag or a resistent towel.

To avoid the mixer to work too much, I find useful the tip to first break the almonds with a hammer or the pestle of a mortar. You can put them in a towel or a less glamourous plastic freezer bag. I really like this moment..of braking the almonds;) When they start to break in small pieces, pass it to a mixer, add some oil, (salt or sugar or nothing) to help the paste to cream quicker. From time to time open the mixer to clean the lateral sides and help to mix everything homogeneously. After 3-4 minutes the almonds will start to make a cream, releasing their oil and..voilá, you have your no-stress almond butter, charged of Vitamin E, for your breakfasts and yummy pauses, for you and your kids. Enjoy!


iaiacocoi_smorrebrod-8 iaiacocoi_smorrebrod-29

So when it’s time to make this smørrebrød time happen just take your jars!  Take the bread (you can toast it a bit before),  put a layer of butter, your smoked fish, and sprinkle all over a bit of medlars vinaigrette, some greens, chives ..and enjoy! The result is really energetic, with 2/3 slices you will feel ok, so it’s perfect for a quick but nourishing pause.


 iaiacocoi_smorrebrod-23 iaiacocoi_smorrebrod-26


iaiacocoi_smorrebrod-24 iaiacocoi_smorrebrod-22

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