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May 11, 2015


I must admit last Friday I was so excited for the upcoming news I will be giving my first food styling workshop* during the Street Food Festival Van Big I totally forget to post my monthly date with the FLOWRS in season, like every second friday of the month! Sooo, let me introduce you to the most beautiful alternative to a classic rose: the queen of Spring: Peonies!

{*workshop will take place in  the beautiful island of Mallorca on 16th of MAY at Art Center Es Baluard, a beautiful place facing the sea in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. If you will be hanging around the island next weekend, don’t miss this event, it will be a great meeeting: street food festival, concerts, dj sessions and show cooking…and my workshop! Book a place, grab your smartphone and we will have fun together shooting the creations of the foodtruck vendors. Bring your little foodie #foodporn addicted to light and shine! There’s no great photography skill required, just to have a smartphone camera and your instagram profile on!

More , to book a place for the workshop right here}


Discover Peonies, the queens of Spring

PEONIES are originally from China. The chinese name “sho yu” means simply “the most beautiful”. Actually in China are considered national flower and celebrated every year with the Luoyang Peony Festival. The european name, though, is more connected with greek mithology and the legend of Paeon,  one of the students of Asculepius, the doctor of Gods, who was transformed by Zeus in this beautiful flower to save him from jeaulosy of his mentor.


peonia_picniquette-9 peonia_picniquette-3peonia_picniquette-10



 Paeoniaceae family
Green leaves are alternate, light & dark. One big flower for every stem  with 5-10 papyrological large petals.
From April to June
Rose pink, red, purple, yellow and white. Delicate frangance.
 Before buying peonies, look at the blossoms very well and if they’re still closed try to touch them gently.
If they’re hard like a stone, don’t buy them because they won’t open. It means they were cut to early.
Once at home, just trim back a bit every day and change water. Keep them away from direct sun light and heating.  Vaporize them from time to time. 
In the language of flowers Peonies are for abundancy, prosperity and good fortune.

peonia_picniquette-13 peonia_picniquette-2 

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    Reply March 31, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Peonies are probably the most tender and at the same time one of the most beautiful spring flowers that look great both solo and in composition with other flowers.

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