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PICNIQUETTE INTERVIEW: DOLLAGUI CERÁMICA, pottery and poetry for a natural table

March 24, 2015


The INTERVIEWS ON THE BLANKET are back today and I am glad to present you two potters they recently decided to build their workshop together in the Lavapiés district, DOLLAGUI CERÁMICA. The name itself may provide a lead about their curious background: DOLLAGUI is a corean word for the spanish word, pottery: CERÁMICA;)Of course they are a creative duo, one comes from Corea and she’s called Ju-hyun and one comes from Spain and he’s called Saúl. Two person and names for one project and four hands who crossed my  way last month. I mean literally: I was walking down the way to my favorite market, Antón Martín of course, and I was attracted by this shop, decorated with fresh flowers in the showcase. I suddenly remember this space before was a wonderful tiny cute gallery dedicated to illustration and collage. Well…Good karma, nice old wood façade: by now this is home for Saul and Ju-hyun and you can find them everyday there sitting at their wheel, creating, painting, modeling or giving you a smile, if you come into the shop.

¿Would you come with me?



Sometimes I related here about my hobby, handmade pottery, and the efforts I make to save these 3 hours every week to dedicate myself to the most relaxing activity I never made in my life.. In another life I would really be a potter, or maybe will be this one? Until now I just achieved to create various sets of tiny bowls, trays and cups for my daily life, my shootings and sometime I used these pieces for the Picniquette events. And I am really proud of that. Even though, since I started making my own pottery, I became much more critic when I see an handmade beautiful bowl or cup in all those crafts markets or online, (in my mind I start to hear a voice whispering..”oh dear, don’t buy that, is really easy to make, you could make it by yourself…” which is rarely true actually lol), at the same time, it also started to grow inside me a grateful and big respect for the work of potters and the mix of time, (chemical) knowledge and patience it is necessary to develop to reach beautiful and controlled results. Develop an invisible mark on your pieces, create your own unique style, is not that easy as it might seems. Sooo when I crossed the DOLLAGUI door shop  I immediately felt in love with their raw, simple style, a colour palette between sea and ground, those imperfections, these breezy air their creations emanate, as they were been found in the bottom of the sea. Minimal, oriental touch. Also it turned out we had a lovely japanese friend in common (yes, you dear, my personal dealer of japanese  mandolin, you know who you are!) and this was the sign we should make something together.


dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-69 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-68 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-78

The DOLLAGUI shop is a small gem itself with its handmade shelfs of reclaimed wood, the old floor, a few hints of natural elements like shells, nuts, dried flowers who quietly establish a dialogue with the creations and make them alive. At the bottom of the shop there are a pair of wheels for teaching the weekly classes and special workshops. 


 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-67 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-76


 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-52         dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-17



dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-66  dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-74dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-38

dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-70 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-72



Ju-huyun & Saúl worked as professor and potters many years until they decided, a couple of months ago, to put in commun all their knowledge, ideas and friendship to open DOLLAGUI CERÁMICA, a space dedicated to pottery, wher you can buy their own handmade pieces, take a class at the wheel and get in touch with the handmade world. If you like to decorate your table with simple, natural and irregular objects (as much as I do:), here you will find a small paradise. While I was playing with all their pieces to shoot them they found the time to describe to me their relation with food, picnics and natural life. Soo here it comes my interview:

What is your first memory related with a picnic blanket?

J- In the first field trip I had on my first year at school. I remember the crowd on the grass, a lot of food and a very sunny day.

S- When I was a kid we used to have picnic among the pine trees close to Cadalso de los vidrios ( I would add Cadalso is a very nice village, in the southern part of Madrid, crossed by the second road to Santiago, the southern-east one coming from Alicante and Toledo. around this village also is produce most of the local Madrid wine;) but we always carry chairs and table with us.

What do you offer if you are invited to a picnic?

J- I normally prepare Kimbob, a special food for corean picnic. uIt’s really close to japanese maki, with n seaweed roll with rice and veggies. The only difference is the sesame oil we use.

S- Wine, water and cheese!

The recipe for  your dream sandwich:

J- Cheese, tomato, avocado sliced, french omelette, sliced cucumber, lettuce, mustard, olive oil and balsamic vinegar cream. 

S- Rye bread with queso raclette, boiled egg, lettuce leaves and onions.


dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-10  dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-9dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-57

A mouth watering street food you tried around the world:

J- Topokki! This is a topic in the corean streets. It is a snack made from a soft rice cake, mixed with meats, fish or veggies and sweet-chili taste. The texture is kind of …chewy and the combination of hot and sweet taste..uhm my mouth really started to watering!  (and mine too, I am definitely plan to have a real picnic with you!)

S- From a trip in Colombia I remember: chicken empanadas and arepa flat bread made with polenta flor. Yummy!

Where you hide yourself in Madrid or outside  to make a nice picnic? 

J- I like to walk to Palacio Real and sit in the grass in front of the palace, with not so much people around. before I used to go to the Templo de Debod.  Actually to eat quietly I prefer stay at home or look for some nature outside the city. 

S-My favourite park is the big Parque de Tierno GalvánBut if I can take a journey off I love the Hoces del Río Duratón park, close to Segovia(A natural protected park, paradise for bird-watchers: more than 195 especies of birds can be spotted, like owl, falcons and eagles. Cool!)

 and last but not least…Where is your favorite market where you feel like home?

J- I will say Antón Martín Market,  because it’s close to may house and workshop

S- In my neighborhood there’s no markets anymore, so I will tell you the truth: I go to Mercadona!  (ejmejm ooook, sometimes I drop there too. No worries;)

I also asked Ju-huyun to choose a small number of objects representing her daily work as a potter. Those five tools are her life, the abc of her pottery. Along with her own bowl, that she’s using every now and then at the wheel while creating. Also Saúl has one and they wanted to have a pic with cute. 

dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-65        dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-64


dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-42     dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-28 


Pics © Iaia Cocoi (me;) for Picniquette

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a la(s) 10.41.01DOLLAGUI CERÁMICA WORKSHOP

pTo get in touch and discover their  calendar of monthly workshops:

Facebook page

(they still don’t have a website, because they’re brand-new)

With Ju-hyun & Saúl you will learn to create bowls for soups and sauces

and the art of making your own chawan (the bowl used in the tea ceremony)

Workshop 30€ for max.5 people and material included.


Calle Torrecilla del Leal, 7 Madrid

627119629 o 651088396
Sunday closed
dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-33 dollaguiceramica_iaiacocoi-35
Quien será el próximo invitado a mi manta de cuadros virtual?

Stay tuned!


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