January 29, 2015

On jan 24th took place our second round with the tour + aperipicnic project in collaboration with Microplán Madrid*

*Microplán Madrid contacted me last December to organize a social eating project around their urban tours #asegundavista.  After the topsecret tour, (they will guide you through the center of Madrid discovering inusual spots, secrets parkings with an history and small ancients squares) our picniquetters are guided to a special indoors place, normally a shop or a workshop, to try a spanish aperitivo, get in touch with each other and basically ..have great time with locals.  We organized the first one in December, and it was a great experience for everybody (you can check it here). This time our local presence included the owner of And-more in good hands shop in Huertas and the master brewers of San Feliz beer, handcrafted in Madrid.



picniquette_asegundavista_2-80  picniquette_asegundavista_2-16  picniquette_asegundavista_2-37

picniquette_asegundavista_2-83 picniquette_asegundavista_2-82picniquette_asegundavista_2-81

picniquette_asegundavista_2-75 picniquette_asegundavista_2-14picniquette_asegundavista_2-86picniquette_asegundavista_2-77

Subscrite to Picniquette Newseltter to receive your invitation to next gathering –>here 



picniquette_asegundavista_2-69 picniquette_asegundavista_2-70


picniquette_asegundavista_2-72  picniquette_asegundavista_2-36

The owners of And-more shop, coming from the advertsing world, pretend to redefine the concept of “souvenir”, re-discovering the most authentic part of local production of gadgets, toys, jewelry and gastronomic offer. The space is perfectly located in Huertas, a district that you will visit for sure if you will be visiting Madrid, in calle Moratin 21.

picniquette_asegundavista_2-33 picniquette_asegundavista_2-38


  picniquette_asegundavista_2-52 picniquette_asegundavista_2-39picniquette_asegundavista_2-85  picniquette_asegundavista_2-7 picniquette_asegundavista_2-87picniquette_asegundavista_2-63

picniquette_asegundavista_2-6   picniquette_asegundavista_2-68

Pics: Picniquette

Special thanks, muchas gracias:

All the picniquetters involved  to the tour+social eating!

The brewers of San Feliz, shop And-more, perfect hosts of the event and obviously Microplán Madrid to create this event. Lovely blogs  about Madrid spreading the word about us: MGMB, me gusta mi barrio y Madrid y yola quesería del Conde Duque, great cheese factory  in Conde Duque district and the lovely FLOWRS, flower shop in the Antón Market, for always helping me to find the nice green touch for my gatherings! 


  • grazie.lla@tiscali.it'
    Reply Graziella June 16, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Wonderful wonderful idea! I hope I can join next time!

  • madridyyoblog@gmail.com'
    Reply Maria January 31, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    ¡Maravilloso, como siempre!

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