LUNCHBOX: vegan buckwheat galette with brussel & apples slaw and orange mustard sauce

January 27, 2015

January is almost gone and I didn’t publish yet my monthly lunchbox dedicated to the season veggies! This month is Brussel sprouts turn! 

After all that big bold fat xmas banqueting, (for me also it’s usually the time to come back home, in Italy and mommy’s kitchen..and this year we also spent some time in the french Limousine tasting cheese, wine, paté. Incredibly tasty but…) I decided to have some break from my traditional research in the kitchen (lately quite indulgent with the presence of fats and milk… I am afraid) and explore the healthy world of depuration recipes, smoothies, creams and multivitamin salads..and I can say: it was not that bad!!! Also, the month of January I really had a lot of stuff going on: hosting events like this, presentations of projects I’ve been working on last year (see the end of post for that!*)..and I discovered that detox way of cooking fits pretty well with my stressed & compressed lunch time!  It’s so easy to go to the kitchen, boiling some quinoa while in the meantime you just open the fridge, take some veggies and fruits, making a vinaigrette in a second and top with some random nuts. Voilá a super energetic lunch in less than 20 minutes! Most people thinks this kind of recipes takes a long time..but it’s definitely not! This time I will share a great topic in my kitchen lately involving my dearest friends: raw brussel sprouts  transformed in the lightest and quickest coleslaw on earth and the classic french crepe (or galette) turned vegan with no shame and no complain!! On top just an extra easy mustard sauce with some orange to add some freshness! Enjoy!


picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-35   picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-30


for 2 picniquetters, 2 crepes each

100g. buckwheat flour

60 gr brown flour (or chickpeas flour to make it gluten-free)

330 cl cold water or oat milk

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp chia and/or linseeds*

some colour: turmeric powder, orange zests, oregano..

ev oil or ghee for the pan.

Stuffed with:

4-6  brussel sprouts

1 red apple

 2 tbsp pine nuts



Blend together:

1/4 jar of your fav mustard

1 fresh orange juiced

1 piece of garlic

1 tbps of ev oil, salt & pepper or some extra hot you may like

If you’re not a mustard fan, also tahin or..well..some goat cheese would also be fine but you fine..that won’t be that detox right:) ?

picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-9picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-8 picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-28

*At this point should everybody know that buckwheat is gluten free. We are not using eggs so to create a consistent “crepe” we will need some extra shot of help: what vegans call a “flax-egg“. That’s why we are adding some chia&lino seeds to the mixture. I also like the texture they add to the gallette! 

Just warm up a small cup of the water we will use and add the seeds, let them “rest” for ten minutes. In the meantime blend the rest of the water with the flours, salt, spices until they mix well. After add the seeds and mix a bit more. Just leave the mixture in the fridge while you are cutting the veggies and preparing the sauce. Ideally it can be left overnight, more time the better. I think the point is the mixture has to stay cold cold when it goes to the pan, ok? When you are ready to prepare the crepes, add some oil or ghee to the pan. When the pan is hot and the fat ready, add 1 or 2 spoonful of mixture to the pan and move the pan around to distribute it all over. After like a minute the crepe should be starting to take consistency. The method is exactly the same one for usual I leave that to you: maybe you’re one of that lucky pros who are able to turn crepes in the air without blinking an eye..I am still practicing this point, sometimes things go quite wrong:( Anyway in 3 minutes should be ready and soft! Make 4 of that!


picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-10 picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-34

Obviously you could also add more raw veggies like carrots, beets, green leaves, sprouts…Whatever you like. For me this time I tried with the combo of brussel sprouts and red apples. I really love this match. I just add some pine nuts and that’s it! It’s a perfect coleslaw, raw, fresh but without any milk or mayo..I just made a mustard sauce and I enjoyed a lot because the flavor of oranges really goes well with cabbage family! 

picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-14 picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-17  picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-20picniquette_lunchbox_coleslaw-27

Pics © Picniquette

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