Microplán #ASEGUNDAVISTA: Madrid tour with social eating included!

January 13, 2015


During  January we will have a couple of chances to meet & social eat together!

*MICROPLÁN is a project of urban walking tours all around Madrid with a strong cultural accent: the history and architecture of the city, gastronomy and old shops. Public is mixed, there’s no english/spanish groups. The guides speak both languages, is a more relaxed way to learn about the city, knowing facts, people without stress.  Every tour focuses a special area, part or piece of the puzzle this city is. Sometimes Madrid is told a “not interesting city for tourism”, compared to Barcelona or Granada or..Nothing big is here maybe, there’s no Sagrada Familia, but there is a lot of life, history and fun to discover. Microplán brings all that to you: secret spaces, hidden galleries, passages, small tiny squares with history. Adrian, the chef, called me to help him organize a new concept for their tour, involving food & drinks. This is how this colab started!Microplan wanted to offer to his  participants a social eating experience around the table to discover in a different way a reinterpretation of spanish “tapas” ( my way..). In december we had the first one in colab also with spanish Vermút Miró. We were hosted by Espacio Klouví, a coworking space for makers in LaLatina, full of handmade treasures.

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microplan_picniquette-15   microplan_picniquette-22



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microplan_picniquette-78  microplan_picniquette-80microplan_picniquette-69

The pear & rosmary water was a big success, thanks!( Someday I will give you the recipe, simple as I found that:). Also I am very proud to co-host an event with the Vermut Miró, one of my favorite vermouths. We served it DIY bar: with black olives, green ones, mint, lemon and orange slices. Everyone could build his vermú on his own way!


microplan_picniquette-25  microplan_picniquette-86 microplan_picniquette-66

microplan_picniquette-30 microplan_picniquette-49


microplan_picniquette-94 microplan_picniquette-67


A very special thanks to:

All my lovely picniquetters who joint the plan, the tour and our event.

Also: Vermút Miró, Espacio Klouví & of course Microplán Madrid to mix everything up. Agenda Magenta, nice blogs Madrid en Rose & Madrid y yo to spread the word, the quesería del Conde Duque (an amazing cheese sho&factory you should definitely visit to take some good souvenir from Spain..we’ll talk about that soon;) & last but not least, my lovely FLOWRS girls because they always help me to find the right plants&flowers I need for my events. Also I would love to gently high-five with myself to finally put together  a mini collection of pottery plates, boards, bowls, candle-houses to use during the Picniquette events…I am so proud that finally my pottery classes start to go in my direction..It took a long time!


Pics © Picniquette

…And if you want to join the next event….


Tour + Aperipicnic


Book to MICROPLÁN here! Tours are also available for english speakers.

Limited seats…harry up!

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