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December 5, 2014


XMAS is basically  on the corner and I am so glad to publish a new post in collaboration with florist FLOWRS*. Like I promised a month ago we wanted to start  a small collection of botanical beauties to decorate your homes and tables following the seasonsFLOWRS picks them up and I carefully shoot them. Together we tell a bit of their stories, the meanings and how to arrange the flower at its best. To represent this month they choosed a very important and elegant flower perfect to decorate a corner of the festive home. Soo let’s forget the typical poinsettia for a while…!

Let me introduce you to AMARYLLIS flower!



You can arrange the flower in a tall glass like in the next pics or in a small rounded pot cutting a third part of its stem like you can see in the first pics. The first way is more important and dramatic, the second I like it even better, probably because it fits better in my house.  By the way the flower last long so you can try both ways!

amaryllis_picniquette-4  amaryllis_picniquette-23amaryllis_picniquette-8 amaryllis_picniquette-6amaryllis_picniquette-7


By the name of Amaryllidaceae fits a variety of 75 species originally from Chile. The flower are really enormous, in bright colors. It’s known with more than one name: William Hervert in the XIX century called it “Hippeastrun”, from greek, it means  “the knight’s star” and Carlos Linneo named it “Amarylis equestris”  because the flower appear like the head of a horse. Also called belladonna or naked lady.


Bulbous family of Amaryllidaceae, strap-shaped, green leaves in two rows.

 leafless stems 

funnel shaped flowers with 6 petals

Floration: From fall to spring

Colours: white, salmon, orange and purple

Need a very good amount of water and doesn’t tolerate direct light or sun.



*You can find them in the Antón Martin Market in their amazing workshop!




Pics © Picniquette

Discover the FLOWRS of November here! If you want to know FLOWRS project better have a look here, I interviewed them!


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    Belladonna is a medicinal plant that has long been used in scientific medicine and has a wide range of pharmacological properties. But in your case, it looks like an artificial flower!

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