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PICNIQUETTE INTERVIEW: ESTORNELL, a restaurant that adapts to any nest.

December 8, 2014

Today I would like to introduce you to ESTORNELL, a brand new foodie project  for my section of Picniquette INTERVIEWS! It’s also the chance to virtually come back to my second lovely home: the beautiful Majorca! I personally know both the creators of this project, that’s why I am so proud and eager to show you their last baby born: Ainhoa Gallardo & Tânia Raposoreative, both moved to Mallorca from Barcelona and Portugal, both are originally graphic designer, both are creative guerrilla cooks! With Ainhoa I had the pleasure to  share two times table in my majorcan secret events last year under the name of ÉS MASSA. During the last Winter Teatime we organized I also met Tânia, she was one of our lovely guests!

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Estornel in catalan literally means something like “flock of birds”:

the perfect name for a restaurant with no ho permanent home, that adapts to any nest.

Contemporary cuisine, fusion between here & there, inspired by local and seasonal products.

A young, dinamic gastroholic project.

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Estornell also had a premiere in a secret garden on a November sunday in Palma. Their events, called BERENARES DE FORQUETA,  will take place in hidden, empty places on sunday morning to offer lunch up to 30 people. I couldn’t fly to try in person (sigh sigh sigh) that’s why all the nice pics in the posts are from Elisabeth Salcedo, a photographer who was so lucky to enjoy the lunch and so nice to borrow me her pics! Estornell is preparing right now is next upcoming secret lunch so if you have the chance to stay around..don’t miss it! it will take place on Sunday 14th of December….

In the meantime the girls took some time to answer my questions about picnics and great tips for your next visit to the island of Majorca!

¿What your first memory related to the picnic blanket?

A- When I was a girls my parents were truly picnic people so I had a lot of happy memories related to the picnic blanket. I remember we used to pass the day in Sant Martí d’Empuries in catalan Empordá, eating chicken, marinated with a lot of herbs and then fried, that I really loved!

T- I remember the picnic blanket of my parents, an old tradicional one from Alentejo—where I am from, in Portugal. Those one have no lines nor squares, but are fixed in my mind. It’s a shame that no one anymore handcrafts that (except of this company).  I probably saw my first squared blanket on television, much later in the years.

What do you offer if you are invited to a picnic?

A- By now I would probably carry my handmade crisp dough filled with sobrasada, quince and cheese.. you can’t go wrong with this ;) and a cheese cake, with a crust of spiced crushed cookies and handmade low-sugar pomegranate jam.

T- I generally tend to carry sweet stuff like cheese cake or..the best chocolate cake in the world…;)

The recipe for the sandwich of your dream

A- For me…anything with melted cheese! The bread should be homemade with sourdough to have this acid, deep taste I love. I would buy it in my favourite bakery in the island: the Fornet de la Soca. If you want to buy the flour and try yourself to make it look in the green eco market in the plaça dels Patins en Palma (*every tuesday & saturday morning). The cheese I would use is the one from Formatgería Son Jover, ecologically produced from the milk of a a goat indigenous variety. I would also add butter but I am afraid no one in the island produce it fresh. Lately I also started to add some fresh fruit like figs or berries, left over from the elaboration of my cakes. It tastes great ..and it’s soooo nice to see! 

T- l still have Thanksgiving on my mind after my last trip to United States. One of the best sandwich I ever had it’s made with the turkey and its juices leftovers, blueberry mermalade and some arugula fresh leaves. The day after the turkey tastes even better, it’s just perfect.

A mouth watering street food you tried around the world

A-  I recently traveled to Malasia and where I tried the best food was in the streets. It’s incredible the variety and quantity of street food stands you can find and how they taste amazing everywhere! Every stand just prepares one kind of food, you can imagine the level of specialization! The best I found were in Gorge Town, the culinary capital of the country where I literally ate more than I should do;) In Barcelona I love the Caravan Made street food sandwich and the smoked offer of Rooftop Smokehouse

T- Before moving to Mallorca I was living in California for two years. Food truck culture is crazy there. Is hard to choose one but I won’t never forget the first tacos  of my life made by a food truck in Oakland.

¿Where you hide in Palma to make a nice picnic? 

A- …I never had a picnic in Palma but I suppose it would be fine to have one facing the sea at Es Baluard wall. When I go the city I like to take my lunch at Juanita Cuina Fresca. It has outside tables in a hidden back street and I love Marc’s cuisine. is my favorite restaurant in Palma.

T- When I worked in Atlas, a design studio in the old town, me and my mates used to grab one the delicious sandwiches made in Badulake and we used to sit in front of the Cathedral facing the nice view of the bay of Palma. 

And what about the perfect spot for a picnic on the beach in the island?

A- in the road who leads to es Caló there’s a pine grove perfect to have a picnic and a siesta, before and after bathing. But yes..there are more than one “es Caló” en Mallorca… ;)

T- I would probably go to Cap de ses salines and the Caragol beach to watch the Cabrera Island and the boats sailing around the island.

 and last but not least…Where is your favorite market where you feel like home?

A- In Mallorca my fav is the one in Pere Garau, a popular atmosphere, the best quality. Every tuesday, thursday and saturday you’ll find seasonal fresh vegetables at a great price. Inside the island I love the Sineu Market, it’s close to where I live, every wednesday you can find treasures in season like fresh chickpeas!

T- I know better the Mercado del Olivarbecause it’s so close to where I live. But lately I like to go to Pere Garau, because it’s more authentic and less touristy.


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Sunday 14th dicember

Booking: 663654735 / 605507745

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All the pics courtesy of © Elizabeth Salcedo

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Stay tuned!

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