Picnic in CARAVANA: a food truck…with no hills!

November 21, 2014

A foodtruck…with no hills parked in a market.

As I already commented in a previous post, in Spain street food projects don’t have any easy life  as a result of a strict and unclear legislation. That’s why I like how this new street food project, CARAVANA, turned it around opening a “virtual foodtruck” inside the lively grocery market, Antón Martín. And I think they will stay parked there a while because… the food is delicious, just to taste inside, sitting in the back of the shop (yes, they do have sit for a few picniquetters!) or to take-away for a nice picnic :)

caravana_picniquette-10caravana_picniquette-4caravana_picniquette-8  caravana_picniquette-3caravana_picniquette-5   caravana_picniquette-39

Behind CARAVANA two girls: Aida Moratón & Paula Quintana, young & in love with the travel friendly gastronomy movement (as much as I am!). They met each other in CRUMB, the gourmet sandwich shop in Conde Duque district, where they worked until they decided to start their own brand new child.

The idea is clearly formulated by the name itself: CARAVANA STREET FOOD, no-stop timetable from breakfast to teatime, homemade but international taste, to take away or try inside for a quick pause.caravana_picniquette-27caravana_picniquette-29caravana_picniquette-32caravana_picniquette-34caravana_picniquette-31 caravana_picniquette-36  caravana_picniquette

Every month CARAVANA will feature a limited edtion SANDWICH OF THE MONTH investigating recipes from all over the world but their every day offer is also quite eclectic taking inspiration from street food cults  from India…. to Jamaica!

Hot right now in the menu:

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