Lunchbox: Middle East Sandwich with grilled Butternut, Feta, Pomegranate & Pistachios Pesto

October 6, 2014

As I already explained in my SEASONAL COOKBOOK page up there, this is a blog for picnics lovers where the word picnic is not so much literally taken. Every little moment of relax & pleasure involving a bench in the sun and a good piece of handmade lovely food is what I mean for “picniquette”, and it doesn’t need to be spring, weekend or holiday. It can also be on Monday, during your lunch pause, (because the day before you took some extra time to treat you well to start the week with the good feet). Then, if you can also add some great extras like a good friend to talk with or a good book..to talk with yourself, it wouldn’t be any better right?

The recipes I’ve been collecting are kind of personal experiments, reinventions over other recipes, from foodie friends, cookbooks that I own, seasonal magazines, (whatever..I always share the font of my inspiration*). But..It’s been a while that I discovered some important lack in my (slowly) growing list of picnic faves! Lack of SANDWICH RECIPES!

That’s way I am starting challeging myself every-month, believe me, to create a new sandwich recipe, to make my list grow and grow.

No particular rules but these: easy-peasy, good&fresh looking, seasonal, travel-friendly…

So this is the first attempt, inspired in the OCTOBER month: butternut, pomegranate, nuts and some oriental flavors to give a twist. My kitchen is under a middle eastern storm, after my Turkey travel, and I am re-discovering some flavors I confess I never really loved thaaaat much like fresh coriander and cumin. (But now, I have a big crush on them, better late than never right?)


Make 2 sandwiches with:

2 loafs of crispy whole-grain bread or baguette: in my case is rye baguette with oats flakes**

1/2 Butternut squash sliced roasted with fresh grounded cumin and salt (I also brushed them with some pomegranate molasse to add an extra gloss (and to give good use to my Turkey trip souvenir ;-)

100 gr  feta cheese

Seeds of a half pomegranate

Make the vegan pesto with

125 gr of natural skinned pistachios, with no shell

a bunch of fresh parsley & coriander


a hint of garlic

1/2 tea sp of salt

1 tb sp lemon juice

While butternut is roasting, gently mix in a bowl the pomegranate seeds with the feta, salt&pepper.

Make the pesto then: place in food processor pistachios, lemon juice and salt; pulse until nuts are finely chopped. Add olive oil gradually processing until the green delicious mixture is well combined. I don’t add in this case the cheese because I am already using the feta aside.

Just fill a half of the bread with the pesto, then the butternut slices and finally crumble over it the feta with pomegranate seeds.

picniquette_sandiwch-125picniquette_sandiwch-127picniquette_sandiwch-130    picniquette_sandiwch-131

Pics © Picniquette


Add an extra kick of energy and proteins putting in the hoven or grill with the butternut some slices of chicken breast.

If you add aside a greeen salad bowl with your fave nuts, seeds and some pieces of apple or pear this is a perfect welle combined lunch box! 

I really hope you will be able to still taste it with your feet on the grass!

*In this case the inspiration comes from a recipe I found on PERSIANA, one of my beloved middle-eastern cookbook treasures! A must-have.

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