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Picniquette interview: FLOWRS, gourmet flower-shop in Antón Martín Market

October 28, 2014
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FLOWRS is a project I discovered when I was seeking for a great florist to cover the mini wedding event  I organized this Summer (remember?). Since I found this tiny gem, run by Leticia with the help of Bea, hidden inside the Antón Martín Market in the centre of Madrid, we instantly discovered we were tuned exactly on the same frequency: make people happy with beautiful things to decorate their home, their working spaces or their wedding or party day. It’s pretty much what I also trying to do here, right? Actually they turned also me totally happy accepting to be part of a nice project involving flowers we will start in stay tuned!
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My newly awakened passion for flowers and markets halls lead me directly here: a great selection of seasonal flowers and planters, great skills to advise you and create in a few minutes the perfect bouquet for your occasion or to decorate your living/workroom and..the gourmet touch:  a basket full of floral jams (like rose, violet, calendula..the perfect match for an original cheese board) selected in the production of the catalan Museu de la Confitura, a great shop specialized in preparing and selling handmade marmalades in Girona.
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Leticia started this project in February like a complement beside her occupation as creator and manager of Let’s Room website (where you can find a selection of flats available for holiday rentals in the centre of Madrid with a totally well-styled decoration).  After putting all her efforts for 10 years in the interior design business, she decided to bring her skills in decoration and flowers arrangements to a new level opening a workshop inside the lively Antón Martín spot*, one of the most interesting examples of the Renassance of the madrilenian hall Markets, an healthy fever that spread through the city in the last years to revitalize old central vintage markets in a state of dismission opening inside a brand new 2.0 generation of activities, promoted by young people for young people: original take-aways, design shops & ecogreen groceries…cooperating all together to bring fresh blood, creativity and food trends to old markets. The result is under your eyes every day in the market: a vintage stand transformed in a great location to showcase Leticia’s flowers. Yes, because she also builded her personal flowers plantation in the beautiful mountains of Guadalajara (which I am dying to visit & shoot someday..!) where she cuts every week a selection for the shop.
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I had the chance to spend an inspiring but busy afternoon with Leticia & Bea taking pics in the shops and  observing how they managed to prepare beautiful bouquets for externals commissions while attending the coming and going of shops clients. In between she also find the time to have a nice talk with me on my virtual picnic blanket: enjoy!

Interview on a picnic blanket with: 


¿What’s your first memory related to a picnic blanket?

My neverending car trips with my mother, directed to Santander, in the North of Spain. She always covered the backseats with a red & blue woll plaid to protect them from the hairs of our dog Ron, a lovely teckel I shared my childhood with.

Your recipe for a perfect flower bouquet?

Peruvian Lilies, tiny branches of roses, in a complementary color, and a third flower to give the final touch, like the squeeze of lemon on the smoked salmon, if you know what I mean! You can find this flowers all around the year and in a wide palette of colors.

Which kind of street food the thought of feasting on will make you lick your lips?

If I am allowed to include it as “Street Food”, there’s nothing like the Ikea hot dogs! Apart from being really tasty their my best allies after my almost weekly (for me) visits to this shop, which I consider basically a torture! (*well Leticia.. I will allow you to include them because apparently we suffer the same strange desease: anytime I cross the Ikea counters I instantly get fool hungry  and casually my eyes meet the swedish foodshop….- ok it’s not that casual, it’s just an efficient application of marketing strategies -and…. I irremediably always come back home with my hands filled of literally “anything” flavored with dill: mayo, spirits, pickles, mustard..whatever:) 

¿What’s your favorite park to hide inside Madrid?

The Rosaleda inside Retiro. (*me toooo, especially on morning working days around May when all the roses blossom are just for you!)

¿Your secret escape for a journey trip?

Once a week I take a short trip to “la Matilla”, a small great oak forest we own in the mountains of Guadalajara, where I spent a lot of summers during my childhood. We recently transformed it in my first floral plantation for the shop. I usually go there to keep an eye on how the flowers are growing, to cut the ready ones for the shop and…. to take a break from the city surrounded just by my dogs, my flowers and the nature.

I would normally end the interview asking which is the local market where you feel like home but in this case the answer is pretty obvious: is the Antón Martín Market, where FLOWRS came to life!

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Todas imágenes © Iaia Cocoi para Picniquette

*If you’re visiting Madrid and you need a special occasion details this shop is for you!



 M-F 9am up to 9pm

SAT 9am up to 3pm


in calle Santa Isabel, 5, Madrid  (Metro Antón Martín)

first floor, stand nº33

 Facebook Instagram!


If you visit the market on Saturdays mornings around 13 you will delighted by the spanish vermouth time!

My top 5 at the Antón Martín Market for drink & food currently is:

LA FIASCHETTERÍA LA SALETTA,  homemade pizzas & original italiana dishes, coffee & amaro  (just in front of FLOWRS)

YOKA LOKA, a well styled japanese taberna where you can try sushi all day long

SANDWICH MIXTO, a graphic design studio with open bar & sandwich:)

CARAVAN, original streetfood recipes from all over the world

and LA PROVENCITA, fresh handmade dishes from the South of France: quiches, tapenades, cakes & sweets.


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