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Picnic at MadrEAT Market, the new street food experience in Madrid

October 20, 2014



On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th took place the festival MadrEAT, the first street food, Madrid based! And of course..I was totally waiting for with all my good intentions I grabbed the bike, the camera and my lovely partner in crime and we reached the Botanical Garden Alfonso XIII inside the Complutense University Campus.

This proyect is organized by the creative agency Mateo & Co, to bring to Madrid the great street food offer the city deserves to try, reuniting big names and local proposals. Considering that Barcelona is already quite active on this point, since the food magazine Bcn Mes is organizing the EAT STREET Festival, (they literally burns the town every time they organize an event!)…why not bring the same spirit in the capital?

Every edition of MadrEAT will offer a growing selection of innovative foodie proposals to transform the botanical garden in a pantagruelian feast every month.

Get the idea of what you will find:

Chefs like Iván Dominguez  created Alborada to bring special empanadas from Galicia,  the Michelin starred Iván Muñoz takes the local goat cheese production of  La Cabezuela to create a special “croqueta”  just for their stand. Estanis Carenzo, Sudestada oriental fusion famous restaurant, will prepares sandwiches to taste with the handcrafted beer  La Virgen, locally produced in Madrid.

But not just big names of the Madrid gastronomy will access the festival. The intent is to offer great food quality for an affordable price. Other local business are participating like San Wich, a Chueca take away with  burguers from Chile or the Lise & Leti shop, preparing their 110% natural  cookies, preservatives free, normally selling in their shop in Huertas. A multicultural offer from thai fusion (De cuatro) to mexican (Maria Bonita), italian (Taberna Ballaró)…you will find all the options, but yes, if you’re a meat-lover you will have plenty of options and one day won’t be enough to explore them: foodie burguers (Goiko grill), hot dogs (Cosinton’s meal), steak tartares (by la Finca), creative kebabs (Tío Guss and Gastrocaravana). Fish lovers will have to pick between fried octopus (by De Cuatro), fish&chips (by Taberna Arzabal) salmon with nori sauce (by Grill Irrintzi) and a nice and curated version of the infamous bocadillo de calamares (by El Kiosko).

More? Sweet treats, great selection of wines, beers, appetizers, spanish oil tastings….The best part for me of the initiative is the spot they pick to settle the festival: a beautiful garden with a lot of grass to have sit so..the plan is to have a great gourmet picnic!

madreat_iaiacocoi-47 madreat_iaiacocoi-48madreat_iaiacocoi-14

madreat_iaiacocoi-8    madreat_iaiacocoi-22   madreat_iaiacocoi-49

madreat_iaiacocoi-9    madreat_iaiacocoi-44  madreat_iaiacocoi-45

madreat_iaiacocoi-19 madreat_iaiacocoi-20


madreat_iaiacocoi-46   madreat_iaiacocoi-18


Don’t forget in Madrid, like in the rest of Spain, its impossible to have a normal food truck experience (like in the rest of the wordl…) You can’t just find a food truck parked in the street and enjoy a nomadic ..The law bans the street food as business concept unless settled inside an isolated event or a fair. Crazy right? 

As I was expeting, the turnout is been really good: I can’t really say it was a romantic date until we reached our grass spot…I am talking about big numbers of visitors (and it was just the first edition!) but I can understand how much hungry we all were to try the experience! Anyway if you plan to visit the festival just summon up all your patience! Be prepared to extremely (and definitely a bit exhausting) long lines, especially in lunch&dinnertime. The event takes place all day long so maybe to spare time a good idea is to go really early or to snack something in the afternoon. A good tip is also to bring a group of friends to split the lines: lines for the wines or beers, lines for the sweets, lines for everything I am afraid:) Also I suggest to bring a nice picnic blanket for the next sunny edition! The organization set in the main square a sitting zone with plenty of tables (which hopefully during winter season will be also warmed up somehow..) but I think the chance to have a picnic in the grass is sounds more appealing for the spring season, right? 

My Faves

To eat: 

The sandwich of La Cofradía del Santo Bocata by the bread master Javier Marca, aka Panic*

The porkbuns by Puntapié, eatinerants creative chefs 

The piadina with italian porchetta by Angelo Marino, chef at Mercato Ballaró** con italian chillies, lemon and coriander #ñam


The vermouth experience at Taberna Rufina y great wine selection of The Flying Cow 

DSweet Treats:

The amazing ensaimadas by Formentor, tradition majorcan recipe (you know how much I love everything coming from this islands..) y the crêpes de Ma Petit Crêperie,

totally Paris (I am in love with their red caravan!)

Don’t forget to try: the great coffee of Toma Café, one the best coffee-shop in town

*Do you know his shop at Conde Duque? The bread you’ll taste in this stand will be definitely the best you can try, 100% prepared with love by the Madrid Bread Guru.

**An italian restaurant I still haven’t tried, please forgive me this “porchetta” affair, I will always be an italian expat, wherever I am! And I won’t talk about the aubergine caponata..I felt like home!

 madreat_iaiacocoi-26   madreat_iaiacocoi-12


madreat_iaiacocoi   madreat_iaiacocoi-7


madreat_iaiacocoi-38   madreat_iaiacocoi-36


madreat_iaiacocoi-37   madreat_iaiacocoi-11



madreat_iaiacocoi-33 madreat_iaiacocoi-31

Pics © Iaia Cocoi forPicniquette

Next editions will offer more projects, chefs masterclasses & cooking classes, beer & wine tastings, concerts & gigs.

All this will happen every month so stay tuned:here comes all the info you need to know to visit the market, if it happens you are visiting Madrid during the weekend!



Where:  Next edition’s spot is still unrevealed! 

When: Every 3rd weekend, montlhy

Nexts events: December: 20th & 21st

Timetable on Saturday: From 12pm to 12am  on Sunday: From 12 to 18 



What about you? Did you had the chance to visit this street food festival? I wait for your comments!

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