Matadero Market: a new green market in town

October 24, 2014




The past month took place the first edition of another interesting project run by the cultural institution of Matadero that I would like to introduce here: a new market, Mercado Productores, reuniting around 60 local farmers & hand crafters, to offer to the visitors a selection of 100% green oriented projects, following the good examples of other successful green markets like La buena Vida in Madrid Huertas or the monthly market of Casa de Campo…we talked about that hereremember?).

A short selection of you can expect from the visit? Almost everything edible: all kind of greens & veggies, meats and eggs from the Guadarrama’s Sierra, good oils & olives, sourdough breads, handmade jams & honey, smoked food, salted fish, ice creams, cheese, chocolate, handcrafted beers, sausages, selected Jamón Ibérico, sweets & cakes, empanadas, herbs & flowers, mushrooms, wines, and milk..missing something?

If your visiting Madrid and it happens to be the right weekend when the market takes place ( the last every month) don’t miss the chance to visit for 3 reasons: you will have the chance to buy exciting local foodie souvenirs, (and taste it), having an aperitivo with vermú like locals, to visit a great location like the Matadero, the most interesting  cultural centre for contemporary art in Madrid and also to visit the Madrid Rio Park.

All in one experience: aperitivo at the market, art & park, great for a picnic right?:)


mercadomatadero_iaiacocoi-8   mercadomatadero_iaiacocoi-4


 mercadomatadero_iaiacocoi-3 mercadomatadero_iaiacocoi-9



During my visit I also discovered a interesting project involving home growing for mushrooms! The project is called RESETEA and they have a nice stand at the Market. They recicle coffee grounds to prepare the ideal hummus to grow oyster mushrooms, then they pack it in a nice cardboard box that you can buy to start the process at home! We talked with the guys behind the project and we got so thrilled  that we bought a box.. and we already had our first harvest:) but I will get back soon on this topic, maybe in another post to explain better how it works all that. And yes, ok, oyster mushrooms definitely are not chic Boletus ..but the satisfaction you will feel once you’ll the first tiny mushrooms popping out of nothing in the box…guaranteeed, will make your day!

mercadomatadero_iaiacocoi-5 mercadomatadero_iaiacocoi-6


Pics © Iaia Cocoi for Picniquette



Where: Plaza Matadero, Paseo de la Chopera,14

Metro: Legatzpi (L3 yellow line from Sol )

When: Monthly, every last weekend of the month. Next editions::

October: Sábado 25th and 26th; November 29th and 30th; December 27h and 28th

Timetables: Saturday from 11 to 19h, Sunday from 11 to 17h.

kidfriendly, petfriendly

free entrange

Fb / TwOfficial Website (in spanish)





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