Lunchbox: Crunchy Panzanella with cherries confit & radish leaves pesto

    June 7, 2017

    This classic italian summer salad, PANZANELLA, is inside my June lunchbox, like I promised on my latest post on how to cook with radishes, remember?

    I am questioning myself all the time if it still makes sense, in our overdigitilatized world, to explain something like a traditional recipe, especially an italian one. I can easily imagine you reading this, and ignoring what a panzanella is (but smiling because the name sounds so extremely italian and funny right?), immediately opening a new tab on pinterest or google images looking for images referred to the term and find plenty of recipes and variations over this salad. Well, this is at least what I usually do! But please stay here! I will resume here a bit shortly what it is this summer dish and then move over to my version:) Resuming: panzanella is  one of the classic center Italy recipe, with plenty of versions from Tuscany to Rome: a raw salad, really poor, made up of rests of dry bread, rehydrated with the juices of summer: tomatoes, a high quality strong extravergin oil, basil leaves. A few veggies more, celery over all, vinegar and that’s it.


    Yummy right?

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