“Sobrassada & prunes” cake

    September 6, 2016

    I am lucky enough to live in this small village near the sea but, let’s specify, I really cant’see the sea from my window or after crossing the street. But the sea it is really there, I can smell it in the morning as the air comes through my window to my nose. Since I moved to this small version of a paradise, I have the chance to make an everyday escape and take a walk to the tiny beach of the village. This summer we’ve been doing that at the sunset time to avoid the sun but now the walk is pleasant in daylight because it’s not so hot anymore and, whenever we can, we walk down for lunch time with a couple of sandwiches, a salad, a flavored water -… Picniquette’s way of course- and we eat there, watching the sea, enjoying every minute of this pause from work.  I usually don’t carry my phone , it’s an anagogic break  I’m starting to need it more than ever! After this small moment of pure happiness, we climbe the hill back (walking up this time :) and eveyone returns to his business: I  come back to the screen of my computer and my beloved comes back to his stuff, which is almost always … playing  one of the gazillion instruments he’s playing :) The very last time we walked down the beach, I prepared this little salty cake I called “prunes i sobrassada”, in catalan, flavored with smalls pieces of plums, in season right now,  and the most balearic sausage, sobrasada, we can find in every market in the island.

    prunes_cake_iaiacocoi-14 prunes_cake_iaiacocoi-13

    “Prunes i Sobrassada” Cake

    Salty cakes are a must for any picnic and I have been cooking over the years tones of versions, tested all textures, more eggs, less flour, yeast … in short, it is as versatile as prepare a quiche, but it’s even faster! To the basic* recipe we can really any rescue from the fridge. In my case those “prunes”, and the rests of cheese and sausage from a previous dinner.  I added also a few finely chopped almonds because I’m a maniac who wants the “crunchy” taste on each plate, because, as I said, we are in Mallorca … or what?


    250g all-purpose flour (I made a mix of 150 a-p flour and 100 of spelt flour)

    15g baking powder

    4 large free-range eggs or 5 if they are smaller.

    100ml milk (can be replaced by water or vegetable milk)

    150 ml of ev  olive oil 

    1 teaspoon salt

     125gr Maiorcan Sobrasada **

    100 g sliced prunes

    and 1 teaspoon sweet or spicy paprika

    1 handful of very fine crushed almonds (I quickly make it with the mixer)***

    (Optional **) 50 g fresh goat cheese

    *Adapted from a recipe by Rachel Khoo, when I “french cook something” it still comes to help her book My Little Paris Kitchen:] 

    ** In France this kind of savory cakes are prepared with salami, ham, bacon … You can try to replace the plums with figs, also in season now. If you avoid meat, try this veggie version with: olives, dried tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms … The fantasy of your fridge is the limit.

    *** I like the idea to add to the dough some nuts, I like the consistency, it reminds me a bit the concept of  maiorcan typical “gató”  but if you have no almonds can try to crush hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts..feel free!


    How to:

    1. Preheat oven to 180º and put a paper towel in a rectangular bread pan (if you prefer, you can bake some muffins instead, at least 4 in a muffin tray)

    2. Mix the “dry” ingredients: flour, sobrasada, roughly chopped in pieces, crushed almonds and chopped plums.

    3. Apart beat the eggs and gradually add milk, oil, goat cheese, salt, paprika.

    4. Pour the contents of the second container above the first, slowly, mixing with a spatula by hand, until everything is well mixed, but keep the mix  “light”.

    5. Pour the whole mass in the baking tin. Add a few slices of plums, they will float half in and half out. The result is very nice after cooking.

    6. Bake for At least 45-50 minutes. After this time use the classic trick of inserting a toothpick in the cake. If it comes out perfectly clean the cake it is ready, if it comes out still sticky.. leave it in the oven a little longer.



     A very soft, fragrant, easy to carry, midway between sweet and salty, cake.

    We added a green salad with cheese and voilá …to the beach, Picniquetters! Enjoy!

    Pics © Picniquette

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