Flowers in season

    FLOWRSBYPICNIQUETTE: HELLEBORUS, between winter and spring

    March 5, 2017


    FLOWRS, a nice workshop dedicated to flowers and plants hidden in the madrilenian Antón Martín Market,  every first friday of the month, picks for Picniquette’s blog a flower in season to help us discover new beauties to display in our pots! This month the star is a delicate winter flower I never heard of before: Helleborus, in season when during winter holidays and the first glimpse of spring!

    If you missed the previous entries (here the full recap) Leticia, the florist behind FLOWRS project, every month gives me a beautiful floral arrangement to shoot with and post in my blog. I am so happy to participate in this project & spread the word about natural beauties, following season by season, the mutant palette of colors of nature.

    Nice to meet you:  Helleborus!



    Helleborus has for me such a decadent “winterish” presence I immediately fell in love with. The species has a lot of colors variety, from white, to ombre pink palette to intense dark red, close to  a quite dramatic black. Displaying just a few stems in a medium high pot is enough to create a beautiful effect, to light up your work corner or a coffee table. We picked one of the beautiful pots we found at Flowrs shop and I really like the resulting combo: pure white pot with delicate texture pale ombre of Helleborus petals.

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